Who Should Consider Teacher Training?

Often, we discuss yoga as being both a physical exercise and a meditative practice because of the way in which it brings the body and mind together. For many people, engaging in this sort of body-mind practice a few times per week is enough. However, for many others, you may suspect that there is something more to get out of your yoga practice; you may notice the changes yoga brings about in your life and wonder what it would be like to pursue those changes further. If you’re in this curious latter group, you should consider participating in the teacher training program.

Some of you reading this probably just chuckled, thinking, “oh, I couldn’t be a teacher because _(fill in the blank)_.” But, you may be surprised by just how good of a fit the program could be for you. Here’s why.

You’re Probably Already Qualified

When considering teacher training, it’s far too easy to be dismissive of ourselves and use our skill level as an excuse to not participate. You may be tempted to remind yourself of the poses you haven’t yet mastered, telling yourself that if you were just a little better, perhaps you’d take the teacher training course.

This mindset, however, is nothing more than what happens when we listen to the voices of fear and self-doubt.

In actuality, the asanas you know by heart and the ones that still mystify you have little to do with your preparedness to participate in teacher training.  The program is less about what poses you can do, and more about how to cultivate a meaningful practice in your own life that you can share with others.

Your yoga practice is yours. We’re all on our own journey, and we’re all at different places along our paths. That’s why the studio is called Your Yoga Louisville. There is no need to be at the same point on the trail as anyone else for you to benefit from a deeper practice. Whether starting your journey or several years into it, participating in a teacher training program is about understanding it better, connecting with it on a deeper level, and exploring the role of yoga within your life.

There’s No Obligation to Become a Teacher

Speaking of each of us walking our own paths, not everyone’s path is going to lead them to becoming a yoga teacher upon completing the training program. Some will and some won’t, and neither one is more correct or better than the other.

If you are interested in pursuing teacher training for the purpose of further developing your own practice, that is more than enough. Along the way, you’ll be presented with the tools and knowledge needed to share your practice with others as a teacher, but that doesn’t mean that you have to.

That being said, even if the prospect of being a yoga teacher sounds horrifying to you, I would recommend that you don’t write it off as an impossibility. As you grow in your personal practice, you may find it evermore rewarding to lead others. Life has a way of twisting and turning that we don’t always expect.

It’s a Great Supplement to… Anything

Regardless of your intentions for the teacher training program, it’s going to be a rewarding supplement to the other areas of your life. When asked about teacher training, Your Yoga Louisville’s founder and director, Jessi Alexander, said that, “if you’re kind of stuck in a rut and having any doubts about where your life is going, or if you’re in a bad relationship, or if you just need a release– something for yourself, if you’re a therapist or in some type of clinical work, or if you want to deepen your yoga practice and self-awareness, it is for you.”

The nature of the training program is that it will teach you to live and work with greater mindfulness and self-acceptance. No matter where you are in your life’s journey, learning to live with greater awareness, kindness toward yourself and others, and compassion is going to be beneficial.

Still on the Fence?

If you’re still not sure whether or not teacher training would be right for you, feel free to leave a comment or contact the studio with your concerns. The answers to most questions about the teacher training program can be found here, but if you have an additional concern, we’re happy to help out.

And if you’ve already decided to pursue the teacher training program, be sure to share your excitement with others! Leave a comment below letting us know why you’re participating or share this article on with your friends.