How a Yoga Skeptic Became a Studio Regular

When I first ventured into Your Yoga, I was something of a yoga skeptic. I doubted whether or not yoga would actually benefit me. Still, I’m willing to try anything once before writing it off completely. So when a coworker told me about Your Yoga’s introductory offer, I figured I could spare $30 to give yoga a chance. After all, I knew that I needed to be exercising regularly anyway. Working an unfulfilling job and spending most of my time in an office chair left me desperate for something– anything– to get me moving and to lower my stress level. So, I registered for a Yin class and showed up one evening after work.

Stages of Discovering Yoga

Long before the thirty days of my introductory period were over, I knew that I wanted yoga to be a regular part of my life. After only a few visits, I was already beginning to see the benefits of my practice. I sat up straighter at my cubicle, noticed my breathing throughout the day, and my hips stopped cracking each time I twisted. Similarly, I also noticed a change in my thinking during yoga classes. My thoughts evolved from “Shelby has to be joking– hips don’t do that,” to “okay, maybe they can; I feel the stretch,” to finally “this is my time to be present and let go of the day’s stress.”

Practicing yoga gave me the activity and exercise that I had been seeking when I initially walked through the doors. Beyond that, the more I practiced yoga, the more I developed a sense of mindfulness that exceeded my expectations of what I could gain from practicing. My yoga practice flowed out into the other realms of my life, empowering me with a peaceful determination. It wasn’t until I successfully held myself in crane pose that I made the connection between my yoga practice and my evolving attitude.

Crane Pose: My Tipping Point

The first few times I attempted crane, I nearly convinced myself that it was impossible. I knew that if I leaned forward, I would land face first on my yoga mat. But, as Jessi would always say during class, it doesn’t hurt that bad when you fall, and you can always get up and try again.

Taking Jessi’s words to heart, I set my sights on conquering crane. To do so, I had to just accept that I might fall on my face. And I did. Several times. My forehead and yoga mat got very well acquainted as I struggled to learn crane. Eventually, however, my effort paid off. One morning I poised my shins on my triceps and was able to lean forward, holding myself aloft with my hands. I could only hold myself up for few seconds, but I did it. Best of all, I came out of the pose onto my feet, not my face.

It was a tipping point for me not only because I tipped over and landed on my face a few times to get there, but because I realized that in order to enjoy the feeling of reaching my goals, I would sometimes have to be willing to risk falling flat on my face.

My yoga journey began because I wanted to escape the stress of a job that I disliked, and it certainly allowed me to do that. Armed with the lessons I learned through attempting crane, I decided to risk falling on my face on an even larger scale. I left my secure-yet-stressful job to pursue work in the field that has always brought me the most joy: writing.

That’s why I’m penning this blog post. Moving forward, I will be working with Jessi, the Founder and Owner of Your Yoga, to help bring content to the studio’s blog on a regular basis. Working together, we’ll be blending Jessi’s passion and deep knowledge of yoga with my newfound career as a self-employed copywriter in order to share the joys and benefits of a yoga practice.

Are You Still Skeptical?

If you’ve considered giving yoga a try, but are skeptical about whether or not it would benefit you, I say go for it. There’s an Open House on Sunday, April 30th from 9AM to 2PM, with classes at 9:30, 11:00, and 12:30. Showing up to one (or more!) of these classes is a great way to test the waters since classes at the Open House are free. All are welcome! No previous experience is necessary, and you don’t even have to bring your own supplies. You’ll have a chance to learn a bit more about yoga, meet the Your Yoga community, and who knows–– you may fall in love with your own yoga practice just like I did.