How to Meditate


We all seem to realize that true, stable happiness comes from within ourselves. If we allow external circumstances to determine whether we have a good or bad day, we are putting our happiness in the hands of people and circumstances we cannot control.

As the demands of life can create stress, it is important to take a few minutes each day to center yourself through meditation.

Try not to get hung up on the “ideal image” of sitting in full lotus pose for hours with a crystal clear mind.

Meditation is different for everyone. Your could start by finding a quiet, peaceful place in which you won’t be disturbed. I realize this may not be available to everyone. So if you have children or roommates- it may be in your best interest to wake up before others to take five minutes to sit, breath and tune in to your center. Your True Self.

In the beginning, even for those well seasoned, quieting the mind is no easy task. So instead of attempting to empty the mind right away- acknowledge each thought… and let it pass. Keep doing this and returning your awareness to the breath. Our life force.

By noticing our thoughts and sending them on their way- we develop a sense of control over the mind. So much of the tension and stress we experience daily comes from the mind.

Do no grow frustrated as you attempt to sit in peace. It will be difficult before it becomes easy. Our minds are powerful, and the demands of life are real. Therefore, quieting the mind may come easier to some and not to others.

Allow yourself time to be a beginner. Take it day by day. Session by session. Breath by breath.

It takes 21 days to build a habit. Be patient. With a consistent practice and dedication, your mind will become still, as a deep happiness and contentment will naturally arise from within.

Namaste my friends,

Meghan Bektasevic