Jessi has helped me tremendously with my lower back pain. She has personally shown me specific poses to do in my own home that have benefited me. She is so passionate about yoga and truly wants to help people, physically and mentally.
— Stephanie Evans
Jessi has a calming presence in her instruction. She explains how each position helps your body and encourages you to reach further within yourself. I feel rejuvenated after each class with her.
— Angie Nagler
This is my first experience with Yoga. Even after a short period of time, I find it interesting how different I feel after a Yoga class versus the aerobic classes I take. There is a more sense of wholeness and well-being after a Yoga class. Jessi is a wonderful instructor; extremely qualified, patient, and always wanting the best for her students. I plan on continuing classes and hope others will come and enjoy the benefits of Yoga as I do.
— Jane Hyland
I have been taking the Yin Yoga class on Tuesday evenings with Shelby and just love it. My body feels so wonderful after this class. Shelby is a great instructor. She has a soft voice and is very proactive in helping us achieve the utmost state of inner peace and relaxation. I highly recommend this class!
— Monselle Voss
I love Jessi’s yoga classes! They are filled with positive energy and will leave you feeling recharged to take on the challenges of your day. Her unwavering presence allows her to connect with her students and makes them feel safe and welcomed. Jessi has an authentic style, which creates a balanced class of physical exertion and inward focus. Her knowledge of yoga extends beyond the mat, creating a holistic class that benefits the mind, body, and spirit.
— Stephanie Roberts
After trying hot yoga (and injuring my shoulder), I discovered Hatha Yoga. I have particularly enjoyed the classes that Jessi has been teaching. She incorporates such a wonderful range of balance, stretching, core, traditional poses, and interesting readings in her classes, and everyone feels different. She is also very good at giving specific instruction for each pose, and at offering adjustments and encouragements so that I feel as though I’m making progress. I love the great mix of challenging poses, stretching, and mindfulness. I always look forward to her early morning class.
— Kelly Keyer